Makes a Difference

I had my lesson with Dandy last night but JLE decided to switch it up a bit and had me ride in her saddle, which is almost exactly what I’ll be getting in (hopefully) just a few more weeks.

It made a WORLD of difference.

When my saddle actually gets here, I’ll do a full comparison (and review), but for now let me just say I felt “stuck” in the saddle in all the best ways which gave me more confidence. My saddle is a very old piece of shiny slippery leather. It works. It’s a saddle. But it is also adding a lot to my insecurities, which was made abundantly clear in last night’s lesson. JLE is always surprised that I don’t fall off more when Dandy is being sassy because she doesn’t feel safe in my saddle. I guess I’ve had to learn to adapt. It’s what I had.

When I originally sold my saddle because it no longer fit Dandy, I had plans to take that money and go buy something that fit him better. Unfortunately life got in the way and I needed to use that money to pay for board and stuff. My trainer at the time had this old saddle laying around and so we put it on him. The flap actually fit me pretty perfectly and, despite having a tack room full of awesome custom french saddles, was the best fit for Dandy that we had found yet. So she gave it to me. Now of course, Dandy has changed tremendously and the saddle doesn’t fit well at all. But I won’t forget that act of kindness.

Besides working on the flat, I also got to jump! I told the boy afterwards that I haven’t been that excited to jump a X-rail since the very first time I was ever allowed to jump. Because I didn’t feel like I was going to slide off at any given point, we were actually able to work on it. I really need to get over being a passenger. Dandy thinks he knows best and I’ve been acting like he does too. JLE says I need to take back control. So I did. It was a blast.

I also got to try my new Horze Open Front and Fetlock boots:


Yup, they’re orange! JLE just laughed at me but I love them. And he’s my horse so I can do what I want. 🙂

JLE and I had a great talk over margaritas after my lesson. We are both on the same page when it comes to getting Dandy and I going and we’ve mapped out a schedule for him for the middle of summer. Starting in a few weeks (after Aspen and once the kids get out of school and start riding earlier), we’re going to add a Tuesday lesson so that I’m riding twice under her supervision and once on my own. I think riding with eyes on the ground will help me get over my confidence issues a lot faster because I’ll have someone to give me advice and walk me through the sticky spots.


On Friday I got an email from Voltiare Saddlery with a tracking number. Is it my saddle? I’m not sure! It says the package is only 4 lbs which seems awful light especially when you include the packaging and everything.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 6.48.19 PM

I’m excited for it to come. The only firstworldproblem is that while it was originally supposed to take six business days to get to Washington from Redmond, meaning it would have gotten here the Tuesday after Memorial Day, it is ahead of schedule and will be arriving this Friday. Why is this a problem? Because Dandy and the entire barn will be at a horse show and of course it’s getting shipped right to the barn where I don’t think anyone will be around to sign for it.

I’m going to call Voltaire tomorrow and see if they can change the shipping address. Fingers crossed!

Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

This blog hop from Viva Carlos came at the perfect time because I just bought my huge big ticket item: my saddle! Yup, it’s official. I put a down payment on it today. So excited.

But there are always things I need and so my other list is as follows:

1. New Equine Wear X-Country Airflow Boots for both front and hind. I consider these essential because we don’t have nice XC boots and are currently running around in our Woof boots. Nothing wrong with those of course but I’d like something nicer and with more protection.

2. An Ogilvy Jumper Half Pad. I know it might just be a fad but I think they’re pretty neat looking and I am hearing great things about them. I guess I need a large for my size 18 saddle. I’d also like to get a few of the baby pads and the eventing shaped pad.


The Post Where I Buy All the Things

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I’m not very good at coming up with topics to write about when I don’t have a horse around. Yesterday should have been the Aspen Derby but of course, no horse. And despite the horse being in California, I’ve been purchasing a lot of stuff for him.

The first is that I needed to get him a fly sheet this summer. I ended up going a little high end here and splurged on the Rambo Fly Buster because I like how the v-neck closure fits on Dandy and Rambo quality is top notch.

I also bought him the matching Rambo fly mask because his went missing last year. Hopefully it doesn’t go missing this year or I will be upset.

Next, I switched out Dandy’s SmartPak. He was on the SmartGut Ultra but JLE wanted me to try U Guard. A definite plus is that it was about a fifth of the price of SmartGut! So, I added SmartHoof Ultra Pellets. I’ve wanted to put him on a hoof supplement for a while so this seemed like a good opportunity. If I don’t see a change in two months I can get my money back and in the mean time it means I still get free shipping. And it’s still all cheaper than the SmartGut was.

And finally…

I’m ordering my saddle!

voltaire lexington

While technically not ordered yet, I do have the invoice and left a message with the rep to let him know I am all in and want to pay my down payment. I’m so excited.