Putting it into Perspective

For Christmas my husband bought me a winter layering shirt from Lululemon. I’ve never had anything from Lululemon but I did know one thing: that shit is expensive And, my husband being your typical male, didn’t black out the pricetag so I knew just how expensive this shirt was.

$88 if you’re curious.

I loved the shirt though! It was super soft and warm and had thumb holes. The boy did good. Still, I couldn’t help but cringe thinking about wearing such an expensive shirt to the barn. What if it got ruined?

But I was pulling out breeches and a belt I realized just how silly that was. I mean, my breeches alone are over $100! And then once you factor in the tack that goes on the horse the shirt is probably one of cheapest parts of my outfit.

So I stopped worrying and wore the shirt to the barn. Now it’s one of my favorite layering pieces for winter riding.