What do you do when it rains and rains and rains and all your arenas are closed for the weekend?You hack out on the road!


Gus was a good baby. We’d never been out there before but he marched on bravely. We did trot sets  for the first half of the ride, walked back to the barn and then I cantered him down the gravel road past the barn. I may have even gotten into a bit of a hand gallop with the Gus Gus. He’s so fast!


Thankfully he is getting much better at adjusting and came right back to me and settled down when I asked. He’s so much faster than Dandy and I wish I had somewhere I could open him up and really let him go.

Rain Delay

I’ve commented before that if it rains to hard, the barn’s arenas get shut down until they dry out. This is, of course, totally understandable though it can be frustrating. This morning my alarm went of at O’Dark Thirty and as I was getting ready, I noticed a picture on a fellow boarders Facebook from yesterday evening. While we had gotten thunder and wind at my house, the barn had just about been flooded. Well, guess I’m going back to sleep!


Today is supposed to be super hot, high 90’s. So, I don’t know. If the heat breaks this evening, I will try to go out. Gus really needs another school in the ring with all the flowers up. Yesterday’s ride was not as great as I’d like. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t great.

Tuesday we just hacked because I couldn’t make myself get up when my alarm went off and it was already humid and gross at 9:00 am when I made it out. 

wpid-img954794.jpgBut it was a nice hack in the XC field (we did not go over that cool house jump, just stood for a picture) where I made him walk down the bank and he took off over a 4 inch log. But, details.

Luckily the heat and humidity is supposed to go way down tomorrow and only be in the lower 80’s for the show on Saturday. This is slightly disappointing only because it means they probably won’t waive coats (this is a local recognized show and they want it to look professional). I got my ride times and they are:

Intro A – 1:45 1:39
Intro B – 2:48 2:54

We will just go out and do our best. I want to see that Gus is thinking and that he is not overreacting. For me, I want to watch my rein length and ride every step. And then even if we come out of that ring dead last, I can be happy with our first outing.

And stuff GusGus’ face with his favorite treat:



I’m sorry there hasn’t been really any updates about Gus but it has been raining pretty much non-stop for the past 10 days which means that I’ve had no arena or anywhere to work (and even on the days it’s not raining, it hasn’t dried out enough to be useable). So Gus has been getting spa days and there are only so many times I’m going to take photos of him in the cross ties.


On the plus side though, I have found that he is good in the cross ties. If you leave him he will pick up his hoof and set it down repeatedly, but not really pawing, more like tapping, but otherwise he was good. I finally got all the weird tar like stuff off his legs and now we’re dealing with scratches and doing my best to keep those back soles clean and dry. They are bad. As soon as his hoofs grow out a bit, we’ll get the farrier in.

On other fronts, Harley got to go dock diving on Saturday and she was a superstar. She just loves dock diving so much and every time I take her, we get a little bit better. This time she shattered her personal best and hit 18’8!  If I were a better at tossing, she’d get further. We’ll just have to practice. I’ll write more about this once I have the pictures edited.


And then, remember all the rain I mentioned earlier? Well yesterday we had to deal with this:

wpid-20150419_124601.jpgIt’s a little hard to tell but that’s water gushing out of the wall during a huge rain storm. It filled a 10 gallon trash bin in about 1 minute. It was like someone turned a faucet on! The rain was also coming up through the foundation along one side of the wall and the sub pump wasn’t working. Thank God we actually have good land lords here in Atlanta. They were over and dealing with the problem (as best as they could) in about 20 minutes. And they’re calling in specialists to deal with the bigger issues this week. The good news is that today it is sunny and nice. Hopefully it stays that way!

And my Rolex tickets FINALLY got here. Stupid moving and stupid Factoria post office.


It’s my first Rolex and I’m super excited! I also have a long list of stuff I want to buy for Gus. Guess I better buckle down on that finding a job thing.

Welcome to the PNW

In every barn I’ve ever boarded at, if it starts raining either during or before your lesson, you moved to the indoor. But not in the PNW. So even though we were in the middle of a jump lesson when the heavens opened up, we stuck it out outdoors. You never know when you’re going to have to show in the rain, after all, might as well get used it. Plus our outdoor footing is really nice.

The best part about pushing myself to jump a few weeks ago is that now nothing looks larger. It all looks doable. Which means I can actually focus on riding to the fences and not just getting over them.

It also means that JLE is getting after my equitation again, which is sorely needed. Besides letting my toes slip down and heel up, she is also getting annoyed at my extremely bad habit of looking down to check my leads. I don’t need to do it, I know which lead I’m on but it’s been so ingrained! Hopefully I’ll be able to break it here this winter, especially since sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing it.

Even with the rain, it was a really fun lesson with a nice fun course.

When it Rains


I had a great lesson on Friday with Dandy. While it had been hot and gorgeous all week, it cooled off by Friday which was actually better. I prefer to ride in 70 degrees rather than 90! And it wasn’t raining yet so I’ll take what I can get.

There’s still some lingering nervousness when I’m out in the outdoor arena. I’m not sure why but I know it’s just going to take repetition and pushing through the doubts to over come this. Dandy was really good for me. He wasn’t being goofy or spooking at the far end like I thought he was going to so after a few laps we both settled into work. It was nice to be able to work in the outdoor because I couldn’t use the walls to cheat. We worked on a 15 meter circle trying to get more consistent in our contact. JLE made me do it at the sitting trot which I haven’t worked on in forever. I was dying. Especially because she didn’t let me get away with a slower trot, we still had to go forward forward forward.

I couldn’t wait to get out to ride on Sunday.

wpid-img_20140502_174900.jpgBut when it rains, it pours, especially in the PNW. Not only was it actually back to pouring rain, but when I got out there Dandy had pulled a hind shoe and ripped a huge chunk out of his foot. No surprise, he was dead lame. Wonderful. Luckily, our BM, N, found his shoe in the paddock so he’ll get that tacked back on today. Hopefully nothing else is too bad and he can get back to work quickly.