Under Review

Pax doesn’t have a name.

I’m sure they called him something on the track but he has never officially been given a name with The Jockey Club and now the pressure is on. OTTBs, as we know, come with a whole range of crazy names. Some cute. Some silly. Some are just “huh?” But those are the names they came with and I’ve never had to take the credit for one.

Now I do.

Now I’m the one who’s going to be responsible for naming this baby and it’s a little terrifying!

Especially when you take a look at The American Stud Book Principal Rules and Requirements  around naming. After reading the very short document, I now understand why OTTBs can be named weird things like Candy Space Center (a filly I seriously looked at before deciding I couldn’t live with the name). Some of the rules are easy to understand (can’t name a horse the same name as one who has won the Kentucky Derby), some are not.

For example: In part 6 (Naming) Section F Number 9 – Names clearly having commercial, artistic or creative significance [are not eligible for use].

What. The. Fuck. does that mean?

I actually have a name that I’d like to use. It’s latin which means that I’d need to provide a translation to The Jockey Club when I register the name and there’s no guarantee that they will accept it but I hope they do. And over the weekend I submitted that name to The Jockey Club and it is currently under review!

But, in case they don’t accept I’m on the hunt for a mother name. The problem is that I’m so set on the name I do want, I can’t even think of anything else. So I need your help! What would you name Pax if he was yours?

And Then There Were Two

I have somewhat seriously, somewhat casually been searching for a second OTTB for the last few months. And yesterday I found him.

Meet… well, to be honest, he doesn’t have a name! New Kid is a two year old by Courageous Cat (Storm Cat) and out of a Red Ransom mare named Taken by Storm. He’s been on the track and been training but he’s had no published works.

Here’s his pedigree for those who are interested:

I was personally really excited to see the Roberto line in his dam as they usually make wonderful jumpers and my husband got a kick out of just how old the dam lines were. Rahy on his sire side is also a nice turfy influence.

New Kid definitely needs a good trim and some growing up (oh my gosh, did I really buy a two year old?! am I crazy?!) but I see a lot of potential in him.

Right now we are working out the shipping but I am officially the owner of two horses! Time to buckle down the budget and get lean.