Happy New Year

Got out to the barn today and found the most wonderful surprise in my locker:

wpid-IMG_20140101_154944.jpgA JLE bonnet! How cute does Dandy look? I think I’ve mentioned it before but I LOVE team/barn gear. Love it. So even though it’s January and he most certainly doesn’t need a fly bonnet on, we rode in it.

And a fabulous ride it was! Because I didn’t work today and was able to ride when it’s still light out, we went in the outdoor to hopefully do a little jumping. When I rode Dandy in the outdoor just to cool out the other day he was being all jumpy so today I went in thinking we were going to go forward and we did. Riding with a bit of confidence can make all the difference. We did a few jumps but things were going so well and he was being so soft that I ended the ride early.

I’ve decided I really do like the Micklem. Dandy goes well in it and feels more steady, though I think that’s because it helps keep the bit steadier. JLE rode him in it yesterday but I haven’t heard what she thought. I’ll assume she didn’t hate it because I didn’t hear anything. No news is good news, right?

And just for fun, I took a conformation shot. Dandy’s looking good!