Small Details

Now that I have a new job and a fattened paycheck, I decided I would update my schooling wardrobe a bit.

I was stoked to see that Ovation had added a true black and a forest green options. These breeches are all I wear these days and so I’m happy to have new colors. But as I was admiring the pretty green color something caught my eye.

The sock bottom was different.

This might be a short person problem but I really don’t like the new sock bottom as much. It sits on me weird and bunches under my boot socks. Nothing else about these breeches has changed but this one little detail is enough to leave the door open to a new favorite someday.

On the other hand, it was the little unexpected detail in the Kastel Denmark marino wool crew neck shirts that has me falling in love.

Thumb holes!

My husband would probably not agree but I am easy to please. Thumb holes make me feel warm and comfy and screem crisp fall days. With this kind of little detail, I’m stoked to see what Kastels breeches look like when they finally debut.

Maybe they’ll be my new favorite.

What I Wore

I’m a secret fashionista. I love clothes and I love putting together outfits for other people but I’m not great at doing it for myself. But every once in a while I seem to pull it off. Last Sunday was one of those day that my outfit was just rocking.


Me: Kastel Denmark Charlotte Sun Shirt in Navy with Orange Trim // Treadstep Symphony Rosa Knee-Patch Breech // Roeckl Summer Chester Gloves // Charles Owen GR8 // Treadstep Donatello Field Boots // Accessories – Fowlers Custom Jockey Whip

Gus: Ogilvy Baby Pad // Ogilvy Half Pad in Custom Colors // Horze Tendon & Fetlock Boots in Orange (no longer available) // USG Fly Veil in Mud & Black

To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about the outfit is the fly veil I picked out. I have a perfectly good fly veil in navy with an orange-y brown trim… why didn’t I pick that?