New Toy

I cannot be the only person who feels like they deserve a bit of reward when going through a tough situation and coming out on the other side, right? Good. Because that’s what happened with me and my job. And since not only am I getting a big pay bump at the new job, I am also getting a PTO payout from the old and a huge chunk of overtime, I went out and bought myself a little present. The Cambox ISIS:


I’ll let Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony do a real review since she’s so much better at them, but I will say I love it so much more than the GoPro! It’s way less bulky and definitely easier to use. The only thing that I like better about the GoPro is that, since I have it connected to my smartphone’s bluetooth, I can see video right away. I can’t do that with the Cambox.┬áStill, I’m not going back to wearing the GoPro anytime soon. Though I do have other uses for it.

The past weekend I spent a lot of time playing with the angle of the camera. The all the way up position was definitely too high as you see a huge chunk of my brim and the all the down position was just staring at Gus’ neck. I still haven’t found exactly the right position but I think it’s going be just slightly above middle and back all the way against the edge of my helmet.


I don’t think it looks too bad either (ignore the hair, I gave Gus his third clip of the season just before I rode). I have a small head so it definitely stands out more than it would on some people. I could just barely see it out of the corner of my eyes when riding so it wasn’t distracting either. What it did do was keep my chin up so that I didn’t just have a half hour of me watching Gus’ neck for you all.

If you’re trying to pick between a GoPro and the Cambox, I would definitely recommend the Cambox for riding activities. I use my GoPro for lots of other things but the Cambox wins hands down for horses.

Two Times in a Row

Did everyone have a happy Halloween? I did! I always do though since it is my birthday. Unfortunately I had to work but once I finally got out of there I got to relax at home, open presents, eat awesome pizza and enjoy the trick or treaters. The boy got me a wonderful present: a GoPro Camera!

So of course I had to try it out at my lesson today. It was really cool and I loved watching the videos, especially this one:

Yup… I fell off AGAIN. Second ride in a row. I didn’t have the best connection with my mount because the camera went flying but it did make a nice video.

This time it was partially Guinness’ fault and partially Dandy just taking any excuse to be an ass. I don’t give him a complete pass even if the dog did run out at his heels because Dandy is used to Guinness doing that. Heck, Guinness has run through Dandy’s legs on numerous occasions and has never even blinked. I really thought I was going to stick through this but that last buck got me. Now my shoulder is really sore, I could barely unbuckle my breeches.

Still, up until that point it was a really great lesson. While we’re maybe not progressing as fast as I’d like, I do feel the progress every day and I do think this slower approach will give us a great foundation.