Pups at Play

Individually, both Harley and Guinness are wonderful barn dogs. Guinness will wait patiently outside of the arena for me and Harley will go entertain herself. Both know how to act around horses (for the most part) and are great with new people and new experiences. That being said, when they’re together at the barn all of that goes out the window. Which is why they don’t both get to come except for special occasions.

This weekend, we had one of those special times. LT was at a show so I knew we would have the barn to ourselves and the boy had just gotten his new camera so I figured it was a perfect time to let both dogs come out to the barn to let out a little steam.

They were cray cray.

Seriously, what is she even doing?

To be fair to Harley, Guinness is the one who instagates most of the problems when they’re together. He’s the one who chases her around. Not that she doesn’t reciprocate but if it were just up to her, she’d go zooming around like an idiot.

Or, you know, play in the pond. Not Guinness though. He thinks that getting in water where you can’t touch is the quickest way to death.

Good thing they’re both just so cute because sometimes they drive me up the wall!

House Renovations

This month has been kind of ridiculous. It’s open enrollment at work which means, that for me at least, it’s the crazy time. Long hours, weird hours… doesn’t leave a lot of time for riding unfortunately!


The only thing that is keeping me happy right now is that the contractor and his team are hard at work on our main floor renovation. It’s kind of just a kitchen reno but then it’s really also not because we’re opening up our house to make just one main living area.


There are still some things that the boy and I will be doing on our own like the floors and resurfacing the fire place but I am so so happy with how things are going! We also need to get our butts in gear and finish the minor cosmetic stuff in the bedroom so that we can pull out the carpet and put down the new flooring.


It’s going to look so nice when everything is done. And I can’t wait until I can move out of my basement. 🙂