Area III Champs at Chatt Hills – 10 Things I Learned

10. Showing horses in the summer in Georgia is the definition of masochism.

9. I was a lot more disappointed to be out of the ribbons after dressage than I thought I would be.

8. Gus is actually kind of a XC machine these days.

7. The course, while not actually soft, made me longingly look at the novice fences. Might be time for a move up?

6. XC is the whole reason I do this.

5. The good thing about being out of the ribbons is that my trainer let me forgo the coat and the braids. Silver lining?

4. Sunglasses are a must for me when showing in this sun. During dressage warm up I could barely see where I was going I was squinting so hard.

3. Sunglasses are also a really good way to hide the tears when you come off in Stadium and have to walk out of the ring.

2. My husband is a saint.

1. Gus Gus is the best.