Small Details

Now that I have a new job and a fattened paycheck, I decided I would update my schooling wardrobe a bit.

I was stoked to see that Ovation had added a true black and a forest green options. These breeches are all I wear these days and so I’m happy to have new colors. But as I was admiring the pretty green color something caught my eye.

The sock bottom was different.

This might be a short person problem but I really don’t like the new sock bottom as much. It sits on me weird and bunches under my boot socks. Nothing else about these breeches has changed but this one little detail is enough to leave the door open to a new favorite someday.

On the other hand, it was the little unexpected detail in the Kastel Denmark marino wool crew neck shirts that has me falling in love.

Thumb holes!

My husband would probably not agree but I am easy to please. Thumb holes make me feel warm and comfy and screem crisp fall days. With this kind of little detail, I’m stoked to see what Kastels breeches look like when they finally debut.

Maybe they’ll be my new favorite.

White Breeches Showdown

With our first recognized trial just around the corner, I realized I should probably get my butt in gear and find a new pair of white full seat breeches. I know you can ride in beige for all phases at the BN but I like the look of the white. And, I have to take advantage of riding in white now while Gus is still gray! It won’t be long until I’m battling with the dingy look.

So, I ordered four pairs of white full seats. The first, the Kerrits Cross-Over Full Seats, looked so bad on me that I immediately sent them back without taking pictures. I was disappointed because I’ve seen lots of peopleR wearing these and I’ve always thought they looked so nice. Plus the price was great.

That left me with three more options, two from Romfh and one from Ovation.

Ovation DX Celebrity Slim Secret Full Seats

I ordered these specifically because I love my Ovation Aqua X breeches so much. I had hoped that they would fit the same and have a lot of the same features. Well, I could check the box off on both of those counts. The fit was great and they had my sock bottoms (something that I found lacking in the Romfhs).

However, the material felt more like cotton than the moisture wicking fabric I liked. For winter shows, or anywhere that doesn’t have the intense humidity that Georgia does, I would be fine with this. But I’ve had a pair of full seats in this type of material before and trying to pull them off between phases in my trailer? No thank you.  Plus, they were the thinnest of the batch and I didn’t like how it looked like I was wearing shorts. No go.

Romfh Women’s Isabella White Full Seats

These breeches were an immediate nope the minute I put them on. The fit just wasn’t good on me. If I had liked them otherwise I may have tried a size smaller since they just seemed too big all the way around, but I didn’t. Negative point one, no sock bottoms. They aren’t Velcro but they aren’t really sock bottoms either. Negative point two, the weird weird belt loops. You can see me in my pictures that it looks like there is space for a tiny belt above my belt. I do not like this look.

I do like how light weight the material is and I imagine it would be very comfortable in the Georgia heat. And, to give more props, they were not very see thru. A big plus! In the end though, these were not the full seats for me either.

Romfh Sarafina Full Seat Breeches

The Sarafina breeches had everything I liked about the Isabella and had fixed just about everything I didn’t like. Still no sock bottom… get on that Romfh! But the crazy extra belt loops were gone and the fit was so much better. That fabric seems a little thicker but still very light weight. I knew right away that these were the ones.

Unfortunately, these were the most expensive of the batch. Such is life. I have champagne taste on a beer budge.

Review: Ovation Aqua-X Breeches

When I read Amanda’s glowing review of the Ovation Aqua-X knee patch breeches, I randomly decided to purchase a pair. I really didn’t have a need to, I have plenty of schooling quality breeches even if they aren’t very good breeches and I would like to get rid of them (wait, that’s a reason, right?). So I found a Riding Warehouse coupon and placed my order for a pair of full seats and knee patch.

They came the Thursday before the Poplar schooling show and, since they were so cute on and pretty comfy, I decided to wear them on that Friday. I wore them ALL DAY. No joke. I woke up and was on my way out to the barn around 8:00 am. I hooked up my trailer. I packed up hay and tack and shavings. I loaded Gus. I drove three hours to Poplar. I set up my stall. I set up my camping space. And all the while I felt like I was wearing the most comfortable broken in jeans. But better. And I absolutely loved being able to go from walking around to riding to working without worrying about what I was wearing.

This was also a good indicator of just how well they will hold up which so far is so good. I haven’t had any issues with stitching and they look like brand new after coming out of the wash.

The Ovation Aqua –X have all the little features that I require in my breeches these days like wide belt loops, euroseat, and sock bottoms (death to Velcro!) and I love the nylon/lycra blend material. While I haven’t had a chance to wear these in the middle of a brutal Atlanta summer, so far they do seem to keep me cooler than anything else I’ve used.

The knee patch breeches have the silicone knee patches and I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first. They are very shiny and I was worried that they would get scratched or ruined easily. They have not and I’ve come around to liking them. The full seats have your standard synthetic seat.

Long story short, I am in love with these breeches. On more than one occasion I have come home from the barn and just lounged away the rest of the evening in them. I want a pair in every single color and I want Ovation to make more colors. I would be thrilled if they came out with a white/gray option in the full seats (or knee patch!)… Ovation… if you see this… hint hint!

You can find these breeches at Riding Warehouse for $116.95 for both the full seats and the knee patches. If  you end up trying them, let me know what  you think! 

Review: Annie's Equestrienne Apparel

I am now the owner of two pairs of Annie’s Equestrienne Full Seat Breeches. One in their rust color and one in the Tardis blue with crystals on the pockets.

The rust was my first pair. I bought them on pre-order after seeing them on Facebook. I love old school riding attire and thought it’d be nice to have some cool schooling breeches. When I did the pre-order, they only had them in full seats but they do also sell them in knee patch.

What was super disappointing was the fit. I went with a size 28 after reading their sizing chart and going with past experiences where I was maybe a little over zealous with how small I am. They fit great in the leg but had a huge gap in the waist. An awful awful gap. I put them aside and kept meaning to post them for sale on Facebook but never got around to it.

But I loved the sock endings, I loved the fabric  (so soft and comfortable! and not overly hot in the GA humidity), and I loved the color so when they had their summer clearance sale, I thought, for $60ish, I’ll try another pair and I’ll just get a size smaller.

This time I went with the Tardis blue. I love blue. Blue looks great on me and it looks great on Gus. Besides, a little bling is always fun. Much to my dismay, these pants were way tighter! I got them on but I felt like I was going to be splitting the seams on the full seat. The waist probably fit okay but I couldn’t yank it into the right place!

To give credit, once I was on Gus these not only looked amazing, they did settle in. By the end of my lesson I forgot how tight and restricting they felt. Still, I wasn’t going to order another pair of full seats!

I still might try a pair of their knee patch breeches if I find another color I like at an okay price. I do love the fabric and the color washes up wonderfully. The crystals, did not… but oh well, at least they aren’t leaving behind junk so you can’t tell they are missing. I think the big thing for me is that these breeches are just made for someone who is a bit smaller in the thigh than I am.

Breeches vs the Wedding Dress

I’m getting married in less than a year. Crazy. I feel like we just got engaged! But in a few weeks my mom and sister are flying down to go wedding dress shopping with me. This is, sadly, the only part of planning the wedding that I’m actually looking forward to. I’ve tried on a few dresses already but didn’t find anything I loved, though it did help me find out what I actually liked and what looked good on me.


I suppose I’m like every bride to be in that I want to lose weight for my wedding day and order a dress a whole size down from what I currently wear. I certainly am making all the right noises… but I haven’t been very consistent. I kicked the sweet habit for a few days but couldn’t keep it going. I started running. I got better with portion sizes… but none of it sticked.

That is until I saw my beautiful white Aztec Diamond breeches with the black lace. The ones that fit beautifully only a year ago but I hadn’t actually gotten a chance to wear (true story, tags are still on). I pulled them on and, to my relief, they zipped but truthfully, they looked horrid. They were pulled tight and I had a unseemly muffin top sticking out. Yuck.


And that’s when things got serious. There was no way in hell I was going to not be able to fit in my white breeches! I’m proud to say that I have already lost 5 lbs and I did it during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Not really sure how I did that except that I was careful with the booze, drank lots of water and skipped the mash potatoes.

I can do this!