Woke Up in Nashville

Nashville is a cool city!

I was supposed to go to Aiken this weekend for a XC extravaganza with LT but then my future sister-in-law reached out to me about her bachelorette party. Of course I had to go! I mean, I love XC schooling and it would have been so great but I also love my future sister-in-law and I cannot say no to a weekend of girl time and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

There were 12 of us staying in one (really beautiful and big house) but keeping us all corralled at night was quite a feat. Plus the Predators were playing the Penguins in the third game of the Stanley cup so things were cray cray!

I also felt kind of old because I can just not keep up with those youngsters. Boy do they have a lot of energy!

Still, I had an amazing time. Good food, good people, good times. I can’t wait to go back.