Stable View June H.T. – Pre Competition Shenanigans

Normally I don’t talk a lot about the pre-show time. Normally because it goes something like this: we got to the show, we set up, we walked courses, we rode, can’t wait for the actually show to start, woo hoo!

However, here’s how the pre-show time went for Stable View:

We had a four hour drive from the barn to Stable View that actually turned into six hours due to construction and rain. SO MUCH RAIN! Husband and I were hauling two horses this trip and there were some definitely scary moments where we could not see the road. But, luckily for us, Stable View was reporting wonderful sunny weather…

That is, the sun was shinning until we pulled in with the rain clouds. Seriously, drenched in seconds.

But the rain did manage to stop for a few minutes so that we could go walk XC.

Only to have it start thundering and lightening when we were five jumps from home.

Then the working student realized she left her helmet in her mom’s car (which was not on the grounds) so instead of having a quick lesson together, Gus and I waited and practiced our selfies under the huge covered arena while she borrows my helmet.

Then it was off to LT’s friend’s farm where we would be staying the night. Last time we were there Gus stayed in a little covered and hot-wired fence run in. He didn’t sleep all night so when I was given the option to let him stay in a big open field, I said yes. We let the horses out but they were both more interested in the grass so we went to clean up and decided to bring them their dinner in an hour.

And then I cried. And laughed, because what else are you going to do?

2017 Looking Forward: Year Goals

I cannot believe how quickly 2016 went. On a day to day basis, mostly it felt like the year was dragging it’s feet but when I look back at the whole thing, I have no idea what happened to the year!


Personal Goals

Continue to find ways to eat healthier and work on fitness, make this part of my daily life

Put work aside at the end of the day so that I can enjoy my horse and my training

Blog consistently a minimum of 3 times a week


Dog Goals

Begin agility classes with Ziva

Take Ziva to one NADAC trial

Continue to refine my handling skills and think faster on my feet

Take Harley to an AKC trial


Horse Goals

Show Beginner Novice in recognize competition

Qualify for AECs

Be comfortable schooling novice at home

Run Novice at a schooling show