The Big Weekend of Stuff

So much happened this weekend! The most very important being this:

wpid-img953850.jpgDandy was foot perfect on Saturday for XC and JLE sent me a happy text that evening telling me he is all grown up now! So glad to hear it! And even if they did have a rail in stadium, they are definitely getting on track. Whidbey is in just two weeks and then the big Rebecca Farms H.T. after that.

But wait, that’s not all!

The most super important thing that happened was of course this:


Big recap of this tomorrow but basically, Gus is a superstar and I love him. Warm up was hellish to start but you’d never know that I had a baby OTTB only two months off the track. What did I do to deserve such a good horse?

And then, there is of course, the most important thing that happened this weekend:


I obviously said yes. I mean, I have been living with him for four years. Was I supposed to say no?

There are no details or planning or anything done yet. Because you know, horse show was on Saturday which meant horse show hangover on Sunday and yeah… I’ll get to all of that later.