Tack Review: Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boot

Color Elite X Country Boots by Majyk Equipe


As a somewhat side note before I get into the main review, how amazing is that slogan? I hadn’t seen it before doing this review and I LOVE it. I want it on everything. Does Majyk Equipe sell that on a hat? Because if so, I need it.



This review is going to be a little bit hard to write and not because I don’t have lots to say about the product, but because the boots are just so pretty and I want to share all the pictures!

Eliza Wallace Clinic-65

I was stoked when I heard that these boot were coming out. First, I had heard great things about the Majyk Equipe boots in general and second, because ORANGE. Yes, finally a company that makes something cool in my XC color (without having to do a super complicated and expensive custom order). That alone was enough to make me salivate.


Since I couldn’t go to Rolex this year, I waited for what felt like forever to actually get my hands on them but was finally able to put in a pre order at Four Star Eventing Gear. I don’t remember exactly what I paid for them since I was able to get a preorder discount  but they currently cost $99.95 for the fronts and $115.95 for the hinds over at Riding Warehouse(and we know they always have fun sales going on that can bring that price down).

Eliza Wallace Clinic-59

I’ve touched a little bit on the prettiness of the boot but lets go into more detail. They are super pretty. The orange (can’t speak for the other colors) is very bright but not in a neon way and really pops against the black. I got several compliments on the boots while XC schooling the other day.


The best part is that, so far, they have cleaned up after every use and nothing has dulled the orange underlying or muddied it. It’s my biggest pet peeve with all my orange stuff, once it gets muddy it doesn’t stay pretty. But not these. That “forever clean” coating they boast really seems to work! Can they just sell me a bottle of that? I need to coat everything I own.


The construction of these boots is really nice as well. I didn’t find any loose threads or areas where I thought they might come apart quickly, so far, so good. They are also thick. The outer coating is harder (but not hard) plastic while the inner lining is a perforated foam that allows the heat to escape. I was a little worried this wouldn’t work but so far I haven’t seen any extra heat in Gus’ legs.


If I had any complaints about these boots is that I’d really love to have double locking velcro like the woof boots. While I’ll secure these with black eelectrical tape out on course, I’d love to have just a little bit extra. Of course, I haven’t had an issue with the velcro so far so this is just me being picky.

Final Thoughts

While I still haven’t had these boots long (a few months), I have been very pleased with them. I have worn them trail riding, racing, jumping over all manner of things and never once have they failed to keep Gus’ legs free from (new) nicks and scraps. I even put them on over an older but not completely healed scab and when I took them off three hours later, it looked exactly the same, and hadn’t pulled the scab off. We’ll see how well they hold up over a more intense season next spring but so far I’m impressed.


6 thoughts on “Tack Review: Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boot

  1. I haven’t gotten to use my Color Elite boots much, since my horse broke himself not long after I got them, but I’ve really liked all of ME products. Plus they’re a great company that truly seems to care about making a good product, which means a lot.

  2. I love ME. My white boots aren’t that white anymore but I need to try using Oxy clean on them. I don’t think mine have elastic either so that must be exclusive to the color ones.

    Good review!

  3. I have the ME stadium boots in white and the ME XC boots in black and then shortly after those purchases, ME comes out with colors…and turquoise/black are our XC colors! I’m looking at selling my black ones to justify getting these. Thanks for the review, the orange looks so cool on Gus!

  4. I really like the azure blue ones. Is it boring of me to admit that I also kind of just want them in all black… D: (in addition to my azure blue pair of course)

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