Tack Review: EquiFit MultiTeq Boot

MultiTeq Boots from Equifit


You might remember that last May I won a pair of the brand new EquiFit Multiteq boots from Equifit. I was so excited because I never win anything. Plus I had a brand new horse who needed new boots because none of Dandy’s fit quite right (it’s the weirdest thing, despite the fact that I fully believe that Gus is a better put together horse… he has the weirdest proportions!).


Let’s get the price out of the way. These are EquiFit boots so ya know, pricey. Granted, I didn’t pay anything for them because of the contest. So, retail price from EquifFt is $110.00. This is a little pricey for what are pretty basic boots. They don’t have a strike plate in them so they are not a great fit for XC and of course they aren’t your classic jumper boots. So they’re almost like a dressage boot.


I mentioned when I got them that they had this cool flap that fits over the straps once velcroed. This is a fabulous feature… except I have one issue. Gus’ legs are toothpicks and so that flap sticks out if the boots are put on tight enough. If I leave them a little loose, the flap lays flat and looks great. But then the boot slides down if I’m asking him to do anything more than walk. To be fair, the over hand does not affect the use of the boot, it is just not as pretty.


But other than that, these boots are really well done! I took them on trail rides and through water, used them in the arenas and over jumps. They held up to everything. I can’t find what exactly the inside foam is made out of (it seems different from the normal EquiFit boots but I’m pretty sure it’s not neoprene) but I really love it. It stays nice and soft no matter how grungy I got them and it did not hold either heat or water.

Final Thoughts

I guess what it boils down to is that in a vacuum, or if I had a horse without skinny thoroughbred legs, I would love these boots. And I do actually love them functionally. But as aesthetically pleasing boots on the horse I do have… well, I’m glad I didn’t fork out for them!

And I still use them multiple times a week.

ETA 8/1/2016

Apparently I put the boots on backwards, awkward! But mistakes will be made.

Honestly, it doesn’t change the way I feel about the boots since they just don’t fit Gus and, knowing that now the flap will point forward and stick out the other way, I think I like them even less. Granted, all of this is not a huge problem as I honestly haven’t used these boots since I wrote this review. I should probably clean them up and sell them but I’m a hoarder so I probably never will.

20 thoughts on “Tack Review: EquiFit MultiTeq Boot

  1. I wish I had won mine! What a great prize. I totally agree with you. They just don’t fit Tucker right either (different style though). It’s almost like they make/design their boots with a specific horse in mind. I guess it wouldn’t be cost effective to have a greater range of sizes though.

    1. Yeah, they are definitely made for a horse with some substance to the legs! I did think it was interesting that these came in more sizes then the normal EquiFit boots but I have no idea how much variation there is with the width.

  2. Maybe a smaller size? That would bother me as well. I love Equifit boots due to the technology of their inside, so I would definitely pick these up for flat schooling and basic boot usage.

  3. I thought these looked so nice! But my TB has narrower legs too so these will be a no- go for him. Thanks for the review!

  4. Stumbled upon your review thanks to Google. Just a quick note- you have them on backwards. The elastic straps should pull across the front of the canon and the flap should be towards the back of the leg.

    1. Hmm, interesting it appears you’re right. While I do know that that is the correct way to put on boots that seems so backwards with this extra flap. Doesn’t change the rest of my review as they still don’t fit my horse and putting them on that way will make them look even weirder but I will update my review with that information! Thank you.

      1. I agree! The extra flap is definitely awkward. I don’t know if yours are like this, but the ones they are currently manufacturing have right and left printed on the inside (I’m willing to bet there was a lot of confusion thanks to the flap).

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