Tack Review: Bandage Wrap and Storage Bag

Bandage Wrap and Storage Bag from Dover Saddlery



Last summer when I realized how much room all of Dandy’s wraps, polos, boots, etc… took up in my trunk at horse shows, I decided that I needed something to actually hold all of that. So I came home after Caber and bought the Bandage Wrap and Storage Bag from Dover. This was the only specific bandage storage I could find.

The first thing I thought when I pulled it out of the box was that it was HUGE! It was way more space then I actually needed. To be fair, the description on Dover tells you the exact size and I was the idiot who didn’t measure… but still, when you compare the add picture, it looks like a reasonable size.

wpid-20150222_150550.jpgOther than the size though, I like it. It’s made out of a durable fabric, the zippers are good, and I really like the second little pocket at the bottom. I use that to store all of my polos and the standing wrap and it worked really well for that. There is also padding on the strap which is really helpful when you’re dragging it around anywhere.

But what I found it the most helpful was for moving all of my horse stuff from Seattle to Georgia. See below a lot of the horse crap I had to figure out:

Every single pair of boots/wraps/bandages fit inside that bag.wpid-20150222_151220.jpg wpid-20150222_151214.jpg wpid-20150222_151210.jpgSuper impressed with that!

I probably won’t use this much at actually shows because I really just don’t need that many bandages with me but it is helpful to keep all of my spares and random bandages cleaned up and put away. The price, $34.99, isn’t awful but of course if you have to buy it online you add the shipping cost which gets a little ridiculous from Dover. I don’t know if I can actually recommend this if you only have one horse to keep track of. Maybe if you had several horses you need to cart bandages around for it would be a better size.

7 thoughts on “Tack Review: Bandage Wrap and Storage Bag

  1. I actually bought this second-hand when Archie was kicked and I had to change his wraps twice a day. It’s still living at the barn, because you never know when you’ll need another standing wrap. I like it, but getting the pillow wraps out or in can be a PITA. And the bandages all sorta flop together on the bottom. You put it to much better use moving! (And now that Archie doesn’t need them, I’m sorta like… I have twelve sets of standing wraps for one pony…?)

  2. interesting concept! i kinda like it bc my wraps take up sooooo much space… except how often do i really use them?

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