Despite the fact that I like supplements, Gus has never been on anything since I got him two years ago. I don’t believe all supplements work, some are definitely hooky, but I think for the right issues the right supplement can help.

Lately I’ve been noticing that Gus has been EXTRA girthy when it has come time to put the saddle on which we all know is a big sign of ulcers. Now, I should probably be the good horse mom and get him officially scoped but that’s expensive and, truthfully, I’d rather spend my money on other things. Especially when ulcers is the most likely of outcome. Between the heavy workload, being in a stall, and all of our traveling and shows, if Gus doesn’t have ulcers, I’d be shocked.

So I will be taking the “Two Scoops for Two Weeks” challenge from Redmond Equine and start Gus on a round of their Daily Gold Stress Relief supplement. Gus loves the Redmond Rocks I get him so I’m hoping he won’t mind the taste of this either.

Daily Gold is supposed to improve digestion, increase energy (do I really need that? probably not…) lead to healthier hooves, and greater endurance. According to their website, it is also supposed to help sooth ulcers for healing.

Hopefully it works! I just wish SmartPak had this so I didn’t have to do baggies. What supplements do you all feed?

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  1. Mine get ground flax and I just started them on Su-Per Garlic D.E. to hopefully help with the flies.. Mine have been on supplements here and there, but I didn’t feel like they did a lot, so I discontinued. I do give them electrolytes when it gets really hot, but we’re not quite at that point yet.
    I have a package of the Daily Gold that came in one of my horse boxes last year, but I haven’t actually fed it to my horse yet.

  2. I know what you mean about supplements. I definitely think that some are a waste of money, but I also feel like I want to do everything I can to help my horse. I pretty routinely do SmartPaks, and I often get bored and switch them up. Rio is currently on the SP brand muscle mass (to hopefully help bulk him up a bit) and Red Cell, as he seems to need to extra help on harder training days. He also gets that Omega3 Equine Complete that is pretty popular. My trainer decided to try it on her string, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I am still on the fence about whether it is worth $60 a month though. Let me know how you like the Daily Gold!

  3. ha yea it really feels like a lot of supplements are…. idk, superfluous ? and sometimes i wonder if my horse gets them more to make me feel better than anything else… but he gets them all the same haha.
    for gastric support, i prefer a supplement high in magnesium and calcium. my current go-to for this is UShield, which is basically liquid tums as far as i can tell. for general well being – hoof, coat, weight, etc,, my horse gets platinum performance (basically expensive flax with a boatload of other vitamins and minerals packed in, but my trainer swears by it and i’m liking what it does for the horse) and a top dressing of cocosoya oil to get a little extra protein and fat in there. i fully credit this oil with how glossy my horse’s summer coat has come in (esp compared to the shambles of his coat when i got him at the end of last summer). he gets his feed supplemented by both alfalfa and beet pup pellets.
    this is all totally subjective tho haha – i suspect every horse is a little different. isabel’s sensitive belly did best with lots of alfalfa and aloe juice too.

  4. That’s funny, I just ordered that yesterday. P’s never been a fan of grooming or tacking up, and I’ve tried the aloe vera, UGard, & U-7 before, with no change. I suspect ulcers as well, especially given what he went through when he was in Aiken. I’m going to try this, as it came recommended from a friend, but if I don’t see a positive change in a few weeks, it’ll be time to use my insurance for once to scope and probably treat. Keep us updated on if this works at all for Gus!

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