Summer Shoes

Four shoes on have seemed to solve Gus’ soreness problems, which I figured they would. If I could keep him barefoot or even partially barefoot, I would. I really do think it’s healthier. But, some horses you can’t and, after giving it almost a solid year, Gus is one of those that can’t.

But I finally was able to have a really solid ride last night. His stifles were a bit stiff and he was definitely not balanced but he was willing and forward and floaty. Another nice perk of having all four shoes on.


We have a jumping/XC clinic on the 25th and 26th that I am really excited about and then hopefully a second XC clinic at our home barn on the 2nd. If we can just survive the heat these next two weeks… I have been riding a lot later than I usually do.

I also was able to use my new splurge purchase:


Summer Rockels! So far I love them.


5 thoughts on “Summer Shoes

  1. I like those gloves!! My recent splurge pair of a different brand are so pretty but not holding up 🙁 anyway glad Gus is sound and happy with 4 shoes!

  2. Ugh I so hate when people try to get on their soap box about how all horses should be barefoot. No, not all horses can be barefoot! My first horse had extremely flat front feet and had to be shod to stay sound. Also, I have those gloves! They are my favorite. I actually wear them year around, even with the mesh back my hands stay fairly warm in the winter.

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