Stupid Boots

This is one of my favorite parts about getting ready for a show: pulling out all the pretties!

Call me crazy, and I know a lot of you will, but I LOVE putting on the jacket and the stock tie and the white breeches. LOVE. IT. Even though Sporting Days is a one day, you better believe I am pulling out all the stops (plus, Super Trainer says I have to). I don’t know where I get it, maybe it comes from my dance back ground, but I have always loved dressing up and horse shows are the perfect time for me to do it as an adult!

Not to mention that you get super pretty pictures. You all know how I feel about my pictures!

So I was feeling pretty good about Sporting Days. Laundry was getting done at a reasonable rate. Camping gear is sitting in a pile to be put into the truck the night before. I was feeling prepared. And then this happened while riding Gus the other night:

You have got to be kidding me.

So I rushed home and got on all the sites to try to find a pair of tall boots. I have very short legs (15.25 inches from floor to back of my knee) and super wide calves (15 inches) so this is not an easy task. Sure enough, basically everything that I was interested in was out of stock or would be available in 10 days. I don’t have 10 days! Why do you hate me eventing gods?!

I did find a few pairs that might work. They should be here on Thursday so cross your fingers for me!

10 thoughts on “Stupid Boots

  1. Oh no!!!
    I love dressing up for shows, I can’t wait until I can justify a pair of whites. And I love how you are using your pretty new flooring in your pictures!

  2. I have the same short leg, wide calf problem. All the boots that fit height wise are made for kids and way too narrow. Let us know if you find boots that work! I would love to replace my half chaps and paddock boots for a pair of tall boots that fit short adults.

    1. Thankfully I found a pair that worked. I think I’ll be saving for customs at some point but these should last a few years… hopefully. 🙂

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