Stephen Bradley Clinic – Video Clips

Wanted to wrap up my clinic experience by posting three little videos from it. The Cambox Isis continues to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you are hesitating about it thinking you won’t use it much or that you have a perfectly good GoPro… stop hesitating, the Cambox is 100% better.

I did finally find the limit to my battery though which was about 75 minutes. It was a little disappointing because it means I’ll have to be more careful with it in clinic type settings. Won’t be a problem for horse shows though since I can plug it into the truck to charge. Being more careful with it though led to me missing the best video of the world though on XC day. I was jumping the second big roll top and just as I was going over, this magnificent bolt of lightening came down. Would have been so cool!

Anyway, videos!

Here is the video from my helmet camera:

And the video that matches the second piece of grid work:

And one little video from XC:

5 thoughts on “Stephen Bradley Clinic – Video Clips

  1. God, I love my Cambox so much too. Battery life is definitely the only bad thing about it, but otherwise it’s just infinitely superior.

  2. those grids look so fun! challenging, yea, but fun! alas the cross country video appears to be set to private

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