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Harley is starting to settle into our routine though she still screams any time she has to be put in her kennel. It’s been quite an ordeal potty training her and she’s still not 100% reliable. I blame this mostly on her age as we did get her a week earlier then is normal (7 vs 8 weeks). Today though she was really good and went to sit by the door to tell us she wanted out. Guinness is getting used to Harley too. Actually, I’m pretty sure he adores her as he likes to check in on her in her crate and does his darnedest to play with her. Just wait until they’re a bit older, it’s going to get crazy!

The weekend has been absolutely beautiful so far and it’s only supposed to be nicer tomorrow. It was a great day to take Guinness to the dog park but before that, I took the opportunity to run up to the barn and snap a few pictures for you all.

Dandy’s Stall. Lucky #7.
I really like that Dandy will be able to look out the whole time and see what’s going on. Sort of like being back at the track.
The aisle view. Pretty.
Part of the outdoor jump field. The footing is spectacular.

I miss having Dandy up here so much! The 20th of April just can’t come fast enough. We didn’t stay long, as it does feel weird to be up there with no horse but everyone was really nice.

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