Spring Fling Derby 2014

I’m a little late with this but there’s a reason for that! Sort of. The reason is that Dandy has been ~sick with ~pneumonia. The blood test came back negative for that and he never had a high temp but he had something. And one of the horses he went to California with came down with pneumonia and unfortunately coliced as well (and was put down). We didn’t want to take any chances. Dandy got antibiotics and went on quarantine for 10 days and was given a clean bill of health on Monday. Just in time to get back to work.

So anyway, Dandy was so good at Aspen for the Spring Fling Derby. We were unable to get a stall and I was a little worried about that but he didn’t care at all. He just dug into this hay bag and stood quietly. Seriously, so proud.

And he was great for JLE in dressage.

Here’s where things got a little sticky. They were calling me to get ready while JLE was still on him! Yikes! So we ran back to the trailer, switched tack (and I had to switch into my show gear), and Eric tossed me back on him. Here’s something I learned: Dandy does not do well at being mounted at the trailer. He was super antsy while I tried to change stirrups and N check his girth. The minute we moved towards all the action of the rings though, he calmed right down. Not what I was expecting but very glad for it!

Warm up was a bit of disaster. We were rushed and ran into another horse (it was both mine and the other girl’s fault equally) which caused basically every horse in the warm up to kick out at Dandy. But we got through it, recovered completely, and went into our class:

And it was awesome! We ended up placing third in the class and the judge loved our canter circles (gave us an 8) and our walk. I don’t know what the actual score was since I had to leave the show early (to meet the vet) and the test got lost in the shuffle but since it was a ride and review test I have a fairly good idea of what needed work.


I wasn’t feeling comfortable enough on him to do my jump class but JLE convinced me to go down to warm up and do a few jumps. I am so glad I did!

At this point I was feeling a little overwhelmed with it all and nervous to jump the vertical or oxer so JLE got on him. She did a quick warm up and then took him into the ring for the rest of the derby.


By the time he went in for his jumping round there were several things that were making us think that Dandy wasn’t feeling all that well (coughing despite the rain, snot coming out of his nostril like a waterfall) so we decided to not do the second jump class and take him home.

JLE and Dandy ended up getting 5th in the BN Derby! They should be completely ready to go for his first recognized event in May.



10 thoughts on “Spring Fling Derby 2014

  1. Sorry to hear your boy is sick. I’m curious. I know what a 3-day event is, but I have never heard of an event derby. Can you fill me in or refer me to a good link. It sounds cool. 🙂

    1. An event derby usually has two of the thee events that you’d find in a thee day or horse trial. Usually dresaage and jumping. I really liked this one though because the jumping portion included xc jumps in the course so it was a bit like being able to do all three portions.

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