Sporting Days HT April 2017 XC

Unlike stadium warm-up, XC warm-up was on point. It probably helped that I was coming directly from stadium and rode tough from the very beginning…  but Gus also really likes XC. Whatevs, I’ll take it.

And I also won’t bother you with a lot of text. Let’s just leave it at Gus being a rock star.

The fences seriously looked so so tiny. Even when we were driving into the farm, I was like “NICE!” I can’t remember a time when xc fences ever looked small to me. Let’s keep this feeling. Makes life easier.

I was slightly worried about the bank due to the fact that Gus has not had a lot of experience with them. I shouldn’t have worried. He was fine.

The only place we had a slight problem with was the water. Gus is still not a fan of going into it and I had to kick him into it.


I’ve got 99 problems but a ditch aint one. Thank God.

We were flying around course and I actually had to slow down during the sections that my trainer told me I could open up and let him find his stride. I know we don’t need to go speeding around at beginner novice but I was just riding Gus at his normal canter and I would have come in with speed faults if we hadn’t trotted one section. As it was, I only came in about 30 seconds below optimum time so that was good.

Gus was a tired but happy pony after XC. And I loved watching the helmet camera. I may have sounded like an idiot until I found my own stride but Gus wasn’t even listening to my rambling anyway. Happy forward ears the entire way around.

Even with the rail down, we ended in fifth place and even snagged the Reserve High Point TIP award. YAY Gus! It’s not often I get two ribbons at an event. We could have been in forth had we not had the rail but such is life.

I can’t wait to do this all again at Poplar in just a little more than a week!

10 thoughts on “Sporting Days HT April 2017 XC

  1. wheeeeee that course looks so fun! i love that they put so much stuff together, tho still numbered a lot of it separately if the rider didn’t feel like it could be tackled directly. also kinda cool how the course weaved through all their pastures lol. congrats again on the strong finish! Gus looks like he’s having a blast

  2. This course looks like it was fun! Loved the video, Gus seemed like he was super happy to all the jumps (except maybe the water :))!!

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