Sometimes You Just Have to Get On

I was half way up to the barn on Saturday for a lesson, bundled up against the sub-freezing temperatures, when I received a text that they were cancelling lessons. Boo. I understood. It’s cold. And while you may warm up with enough layers while you’re actually on the horse, standing in an arena with the wind steeling every last bit of warmth from your nose is not a fun way to spend the day.


A part of me wanted to turn around and go home. We had a busy day scheduled and were trying to get a lot of things done for the wedding (none of which actually got done) and had a meeting with a realtor in the afternoon. I really didn’t want to ride in the cold and the wind either. But, again, already halfway there… might as well go all the way.


I’ll admit, I’m a big baby about the cold.


But I got out there and Gus actually nickered at me when I went to pull him out of the pasture! He’s never done that before. Now, the cynical side of me wants to share that that’s probably because Rakku, his bestie, was not out that morning but whatever, I’ll take it. So I shoved him full of bribe cookies and brought him inside.


We didn’t have a long ride. All Gus wanted to do was canter because it was windy and there were lots of “scary” sounds and smells. But it was a good ride. I love how he keeps his brain even when things are rough. If all he wants to do is bolt into a hand gallop… I’ll take it!

11 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Get On

  1. glad you made it out despite the cold and cancellations. it’s good for the soul, really truly. oh and also Gus looks incredible in that blue/white combo!

  2. You’re much tougher/braver than me in the cold. He looks fantastic in the blue and white! You’re outfit was definitely on point!

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