Soft Lips

LG and I decided to pull out of going to the local hunter jumper show tomorrow as she’s got a bunch of work to get done before she goes on vacation and I didn’t want to drive all the way up there just for the crossrails class. It’s for the best, really, because I stupidly tossed my show shirt into the dryer and shrunk it. Ugh. A new one is ordered but I’m not entirely thrilled about having to buy it.

Eric and I had a good time at the barn tonight. The original plan was to go out (check), take photos for the brand inspector (check but need to be redone), and get ready for the show (not necessary). Eric was kind enough to put Dandy’s new bit (a rubber D ring) into the bridle for me while I tacked up and we ended up having a really nice ride.

Warming up, I got some really nice collection from Dandy. He really does so well in this bit. The cantering was nice and rocking horse smooth. I even got one good simple lead change! Yay! LG expects his flying changes to be good to go in a month. Apparently he’s switching the fronts and not the back, a common problem.

Then I popped him over a few jumps. Dandy did not like the blue and white vertical and jumped it like there was an invisible rail on top of it.

Which of course left me behind the curve.

But the next couple times we went over were much better. I’m still leaning too much on his neck, however. This upcoming week I’m really going to have to focus on my posture and my quick release.

I absolutely adore this horse. Except when he steals the chapstick out of my bag!

I guess Dandy really just wants soft lips!