The move is over. Sort of. There are still boxes all over the house and the horse is still in Nevada but the pup and I made it safe and sound late Saturday. There was one moment of sheer panic when I was stuck in a traffic jam on top of a bridge in Portland over water but really,  the journey was smooth and easy. Just long. Especially towards the end where it got dark and Guinness really wanted to get out and I just wanted to push on. Guinness was a real trooper. He’s getting really good at road trips. Guess that happens by the time your third one roles around.

I already miss my boy Dandy. The day before I left we free jumped him up to 4’3″! That is the highest he’s ever gone and he looked great doing so. Sadly the video got screwed up so I have no evidence beyond my witnesses.


Yesterday Dandy saw the chiropractor finally.  I’ve been wanting that to happen for a while but it has sadly been one of those luxuries that only is scheduled when I can afford it. Anyway, Dandy was off on his right side and lower back but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been all things considered. 

And I have to show off my find from Target the other day:


Socks in my xc colors! So excited.

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    1. I know! The girl videoing got messed up somehow and started videoing the ground and turning it OFF when Dandy was jumping. Oh well. My trainer says she’ll do it again while I’m gone and get a video. So hopefully that happens.

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