Snow and Slop

Well, after an incredibly dry winter that sparked two big fires in the area, we finally got snow (or rain if you’re down in the valley). I was enjoying the dry weather just because it meant the outdoor arena was still rideable, not so much anymore. Guess there’s going to be a lot of hacking in our future.

Still, it’s good to have the snow and rain. We need it.

We drove up to the mountain this morning to ski but because of the wind they only had one of the lifts open on the Nevada side until about noon. It was so crowded that it just wasn’t a very good time. Eric and I both skied a run and then went to drink at the lodge which is probably one of my favorite parts about going “skiing!” It was nice to have snow coverage and boy did all that powder really give me a workout. Hopefully we’ll be able to get up the mountain tomorrow morning as well.

Coming down the grade, we stopped in to see and feed Dandy. No surprise, the arena and fields are just slop. I so did not want to go into the field and luckily I didn’t have to. I opened the gate, called to Dandy and with the encouragement of peppermints and bucket of grain, he walked right up and out into the yard. What a good boy. Also no surprise, but he was covered in mud. Yuck.

Dandy has been doing really well lately. Both Eric and I have ridden him out here. He is making progress on bending though there’s still a long way to go. There are moments where you can really see what a great horse he’s going to be. I’m incredibly encouraged by the fact that there are moments where both Eric and I have been able to get him to engage his hindquarters and stretch his head nice and low. This will help him get round (eventually leading to collection) and build a nice topline. ┬áDandy also doesn’t at all care about the wind (which has been gusting up to 70 mph this last week), the tarps whipping over the hay bales or Guinness running up behind him or around his feet.