Snow and Other Updates

We have snow! Or, at least the mountains do. It’s been snowing all day so there is a bit of a dusting at the house and the barn is a winter wonderland and probably will be until the sun comes out tomorrow. Then it will look more like the Molasses Swamp. Yuck. Anyway, I forgot my camera sadly but I did get a picture of Dandy with my phone. He was so excited I was there with grain, however, that he kept pushing his head right up in my face.

I <3 the pony face.

Nothing else is exciting enough to update. I estimated Dandy’s weight the other day using the Heartgirth x Heartgirth x Body Length/330 formula. According to that he weighs about 1400 lbs! And he is not up to a proper weight quite yet as he’s about a 4 on the body score, though I hope he’s close. It’s too bad I don’t have access to a more accurate scale.

Dandy’s supplement came tonight after I got home from the barn so he’ll start that tomorrow. I’m putting him on TractGard. I’m hoping that this plus the beet pulp will get him over his stagnate weight and plump him up a bit! I really hope this helps. Dandy is a much harder keeper than Sheena ever was and I’m afraid Eric is starting to wonder what I dragged him into.

Guinness not only wanted to try it, he quite liked tearing apart the box as well.