Small Updates

Dandy lost a shoe xc schooling last Saturday. It was a completely clean pull off. He just stepped on it and off it came. *sigh* Luckily he was already scheduled to get back shoes on yesterday so the farrier tacked it back on. Two things about this: one, my trainer said he’d leave an invoice and he did not. And because she’s at Inavale she’s obviously busy and not able to get back to me as soon as I could hope for. I know the farrier would like to get paid but I can’t do that if I can’t get ahold of him. Second: this is the first time I’ve had Dandy in a full set of shoes and the feeling was different. He … floated. I guess that’s the best word for it. It’s not that fancy floating trot but it definitely felt nice.


Ride times got sent out today for the dressage show on Saturday. I’m starting to look forward to it. My Intro B class got split into two and I’ll be riding in the second group at 10:26. I’ll be doing Intro C at 11:28.


In preparation for the show, I did go out and ride today. It was a short ride because I’m not quite 100% yet but it was intense ride. We basically rode through the test and worked on a few specific problems. There was a moment, though, during the Intro B test where you have to go into working trot after the medium walk where Dandy was completely ignoring me. I asked nicely with my leg and seat. Nothing. I gave a little tap with my whip. Nothing. Oh, is that how this is going to be? I took both my legs off him and did my best PC kick. Dandy got extremely offended and gave me a nasty little buck to let me know but he moved out and we continued on. I didn’t have any issues with being asked to trot for the rest of the ride.


Something I’ve been thinking about that came up today with Dandy getting offended that I asked him to work, is that I think Dandy is really starting to get my number. He knows I’m afraid now and he’s pushing my buttons to get out of work. Just something that I have to think about and take into consideration as I figure out what I want to do.


Since I don’t think I’m ever going to get to writing the full post about the good stuff we did XC schooling (because it was mostly good), I just wanted to post a few pictures with comments.

"Make sure you get my good side."
“Make sure you get my good side.”
"Look at me being a bad ass."
“Look at me being a bad ass.”

DSC_0513 DSC_0543

"I conquer banks"
“I conquer banks”
JLE taking Dandy down his first non water bank. He almost fell down this as he was not paying attention at all.
JLE taking Dandy down his first non water bank. He almost fell down this as he was not paying attention at all.

6 thoughts on “Small Updates

  1. Awesome pics! You guys look great. It will just take time and positive experiences to recover from being scared. It will happen! btw…we have the same breeches. LOVE them!

  2. Go girl… love the PC kick 🙂 Tell him you mean business!

    Love the pictures especially the one through the water- so fancy!!!

  3. Haha, how silly for him to get offended! I know what it’s like when they get your number, but you guys will be able to work past it!

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