Silly Boy

Before I left for my wedding, I had a jumping lesson with new trainer.


Jumping lesson did not start well…

So after new trainer went to a horse trial and everyone at the trial was having problems because stadium was set in the grass on a hill, she came back and said we’re training on it. Alright, I’m game. We jump XC on hills too so it’s not like this can do anything but help me.

Gus was game too. So game that he could not walk or trot to save his life. I was honestly considering having new trainer get on him but that cannot be my crutch like it was with Dandy. Plus, it wasn’t like I was scared, it just wasn’t much fun.

Things didn’t get better when we started jumping. This was the first time new trainer had seen Gus jump outside the ring when he wasn’t already exhausted from two other phases. She was not impressed with his antics and his bolting. So she had me get off and switched my bridle for hers (she had been doing trot sets with her 1* horse before the lesson and he was chilling out with us).

It was a Myler Dee w/hooks, either level 2 or 3. Gus hated it. He kept tossing his head and chomping at it. But you know what? We also had breaks.


So anyway, that’s obviously not the right bit, but we are going to have to bit up now for XC and probably jumping too since he can be a little expressive. The hunt is on to find the that magic bit. Time to start spending $$$.

But all you eventers know what it means when you have to ride in two different bits… that’s right… a new bridle!

You know what the boy said when I mentioned I was in the market for some new leather straps? “Can’t you just switch bits out?”

Silly boy.


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