Side Rein Training

What a great day! Eric and I went out to the barn this afternoon. It was 65° and blue skies; perfect day to be out riding! I love spending time at the barn anyway but it was even better to spend it out there with Eric. After we had lunged Dandy, we went out on the road with Eric riding William. This time, we didn’t get threatened so that’s always good!

Yesterday was Dandy’s first day in side reins and he was not impressed. However, he didn’t freak and once he got the idea he went calmly, stretched out, and moved forward.

Today he was even better. I only work him for a short time with the side reins because he really needs to just build up the muscle strength but I love watching him get collected. I’ll keep them very loose and only work for short periods of time for a while and slowly build him up. As long as he keeps stretching into them and not going behind the vertical.

My new figure-8 came yesterday so I got to use it on Dandy today. It looked great and worked great which is all I really need.