Sick Day

Got to work this morning and was promptly sick in the bathroom. Back home I went to do a little work from my couch. I hate being sick. It makes me cranky. And it keeps me from going to ride my pony.

Sunday was a great, but very hot, day. LG, myself and another girl from the barn went up to watch the Red Rock Hounds hunter jumper show and we had a great time. We came prepared with champagne and a cheese/cracker/fruit spread and were never bored. I can’t wait to be able to take Dandy next year to show in their Thoroughbred Incentive Program and maybe even the Puissance wall! The girl who ended up winning that class was on a large grey and he could jump! They retired at 4’9″ and it was very impressive. ┬áIt was a lot of fun but boy did it make me want to get out there showing.

Once it cooled off in the evening, I came back to the barn to get some more confirmation shots and do a quick ride.

He’s looking good! Especially now that we’re soaking his food so he can’t fling it all over the pasture. He’s like a little kid eating dirt… except it will give him colic. If soaking his food hadn’t worked, I would have gotten him a feed bag.

I love his face in this photo.

Next I tacked up for a quick ride. At LG’s suggestion, I used her rubber coated D-ring and we have a winner! He was so soft and willing in this bit. Plus he locked sexy in the Micklem Bridle.

Dandy: RAWR! I am wild horse!

(Also, I look like a lobster thanks to some not very good applying of sunscreen at the horse show. Oops!)

Good stretching!

Better elbows!

And *done*

2 thoughts on “Sick Day

    1. Thanks! In the saddle I’m doing the classic string on the d rings (home made bucking strap basically) and hooking my pinkies in it. It forces my hands to stay down but it does make me sore. I’ve also done an exercise where I keep my pinkies touching Dandy’s wither but that’s a lot harder.

      Out of the saddle I stand with my elbows bent and my hands in a fist, knuckles on the wall and bend my knees up and down a few times. There’s also a two person exercise that I do sometimes where you both hold a piece of string or twine in your hands like you were riding and one person moves the string in horse like motions (walk, trot, canter) and the other person has to go with the motion, trying to be steady and consistent in the contact.

      Hope those made sense! It was harder to type out then it is to demonstrate them.

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