Show Prep

Got my ride times for tomorrow!

Intro A – 9:51
Intro B – 12:06

I’m the second and third in each class, respectively. Krissie has to go first in Intro A, poor thing! But I’m looking forward to it. I hope we don’t make fools of ourselves, even if we don’t score as well as I’d really like to.

Anyway, today I’m just getting prepped for the show.

To Do
Clip Dandy’s Bridle Path
– Clean Tack
Pack Trailer
Find Tan Breeches
– Pack Lunch/Snacks
Run Through the Tests

Tomorrow Dandy will get a good grooming before we leave (and maybe lunged if he’s feeling fresh). Really the only major thing I have to do is decide if I want to do a costume or not. I’m highly debating bring the stuff for my costume, just in case most people show up with one. Honestly, I love costume classes. I just don’t like standing out!