Show Prep

The downside to the agility trial last weekend was that I spent three days in the cold and what was a slight tickle to my throat turned into a full blown sinus infection. Lovely. I would have stayed home from work on Monday but am already taking Friday off for Poplar so that was a no go.


I suffered through work but trot sets with Gus that evening were out of the picture. It rained in the afternoon so the trails would have been slick anyway. I went home and watched Dateline.


The rest of this week is going to be hectic though. Not only do I have several errands to run for last minute things (black dressage girth, Velcro and new memory card for the Cambox, and food to eat), the beast still has to be worked, the laundry very badly needs to be done, and, most importantly, I need to dig out my camping gear. It might be a coldish evening… hopefully I can find my long underwear!


Still, I am very excited for this weekend (and feel a lot better today than I did yesterday so there’s hope for this weekend!). We had a great jump lesson last Wednesday and will be doing our first XC school on Friday before the show on Saturday. Plus, Hillary and Annie will be there. YAY, I love hanging out with blogger friends.