Show Prep

I’m sitting at the Ford dealership waiting for my truck (standard oil and tire check) and really wishing it wouldn’t take so long. Oh well. At least it’s giving me time to figure out a schedule as our one day is in just 10 days! I can’t believe it is coming up so quickly. I feel like Dandy and I have so much to work on for just this little show.

Wednesday 5/8 – Lesson
Thursday 5/9 – Trail hack
Friday 5/10 – Flat work
Saturday 5/11 – Drive down to NWEC to watch the H.T. (and scope out the xc course)
Sunday 5/12 – Dressage test and canter transitions
Monday 5/13 – Lesson ?
Tuesday 5/14 – Grid and course work
Wednesday 5/15 – Off
Thursday 5/16 – Lesson ?
Friday 5/17 – Trail hack, pack trailer, and clean tack
Saturday 5/18 – Show Day!

All of this is open to being changed at a whim but looks basically right.  I think if we focus on straightness and quiet transitions we should be prepared for anything that might get thrown at us. The max jump height is only 2′ after all.

8 thoughts on “Show Prep

  1. How exciting! You are awesome to already be taking on a show! With new job and new barn, I don’t have much hope of doing another show this summer.

    1. Well this show is using up what I had saved for local NV shows before I moved. So if I don’t find a job soon this will be the only one 🙂

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