Show Practice

The good news: I’m really glad that Eric convinced me to get out of bed and over to the barn for the local show. It was such a good experience for Dandy and I really needed to get back in the saddle. Dandy was definitely amped up with all the excitement and the other horses around, especially the other horses working with him in the field. But he wasn’t unmanageable.


It was pretty hot out and I still wasn’t 100% so I didn’t do much. Once he was standing still to let me on, and behaving in the field, Dandy got to be done. I didn’t get great collection though a lot of that is because I’m just not strong enough right now to push him through it so that’s something we’re really going to have to focus on this week.

Still, I was very happy with him. While Dandy did keep getting distracted, there was no panic or anxiety and I was able to get the focus back on me.

The bad news? Dandy seems to have developed an eye infection. Dang pony!