Show Plans 2016

I’ve realized something about myself these past few months; I really need something to motivate me. I am not one of those people who can just do something for the sake of it, especially not when it involves a two hour drive round trip. I love Gus and I love riding. But without some goal or something pushing me these past few months have been a lot of “eh, insert-excuse-here, I’ll skip tonight” or, if I do go out, there is a whole lot of “well, insert-excuse-here, I think we’ll just hack today.”

This is not productive.


Thankfully, I know what motivates me. And, maybe it’s a very un-equestrian thing to say, but horse showing motivates me. Not necessarily winning (though yes that’s an awesome feeling!) but just going out and showing off. Shows for me are FUN if stressful.

That’s why I sat down over the weekend and did a show schedule. I am not doing any recognized H.T. but I am going to try to do one or two recognized dressage shows. We’ll see how things are going. If I don’t do those, I’ll probably do a dressage schooling show.

Confirmed Dates through September: (We all know horses, things may change randomly)

March 19th – Foxberry Farm Fun Jump Show – Nothing super crazy here. It’s not even a recognized schooling show for our local association. But it’s at home and gets out and doing courses.

April 30 – May 1 – Scott Hassler Dressage Clinic at Shannondale Farm – Preparation for doing a recognized dressage show, hopefully!

May 7th – Foxberry Farms 3-Phase Schooling Show – I’m going to take the home field advantage and hopefully run at BNov.

May 21st – May 22nd – Poplar Place Dressage – This would be our first option to do a recognized show. I’d be riding at training level so nothing major.

June 25th – Foxberry Farms 3-Phase Schooling Show – Again, home field advantage, no trailering… definitely doing this. Whether I ride it as a H.T. schooling show or a dressage schooling show will depend on if we got to Poplar Place.

September 17th – Foxberry Farms 3-Phase Schooling Show – I better be going confidently at BNov by this point


Potentially Dates: (will do at max one of the following due to the extreme heat in JulyJ

July 16th – Chat Hills Dressage – 2nd attempt at a recognized show.

July 23rd – Poplar Place Schooling 3-Phase – Would get me out at BNov over new fences. Super scary.

Once I know how those things are going, I can plan further into the Winter season. I might try to focus on getting to jumping shows at that point!


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  1. i don’t think it’s ‘unequestrian’ at all to feel more motivated by showing than by some other aspects. i LOVE showing and definitely feel like it can be a reward unto itself. and i agree completely that having a schedule helps keep me on task. good luck with the schedule and home field advantages!

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