Short People Dressage

All my life, I have despaired at ever having that dressage look. No matter how long I made my stirrups and stretched my legs, no matter how much I sat on my pockets and put my shoulders back, I always looked like a fish out of water. I figured there was just no fixing my stumpy legs and I would just ride as best as I could and hope for a miracle.


Well, the miracle has occurred and it was as simple as having a saddle that fits me properly in both the seat and the flap length. Yup, short flaps suddenly make me look like a proper (if not perfect) dressage rider.


I know it’s not a miracle cure, I know I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I feel like I have a chance, ya know?

Anyway, Hillary originally sent me the link to this saddle, a 2014 Devoucoux Mendia with orange piping and short flaps, back in October and said “you need it…” Well she was right. I did. Lucky for me short flaps and orange piping aren’t in huge demand and it was still around when circumstances changed and I could afford the saddle. Well, it was actually on trial but it came back! So I snapped it up and crossed my fingers.



And you know, it was basically made for me and Gus. Not even kidding. It fits us perfectly. The first time I rode in the saddle, I basically swooned. I have never felt like this riding dressage. My trainer even approved of the saddle and she was die hard set on me getting a County (which would have been considered had this saddle not fit).



The downside to a new black saddle, and one with short flaps, is that nothing I have fits or matches. My normal size dressage pad makes the whole get up look ridiculous so I’ve been riding in my jump pads but they aren’t really fitting either. But I have a new, hopefully amazing, black dressage bridle on the way and will be on the look out for a new girth as well. And then when I recover from that spending spree I’ll be picking out fun new combos for a whole setĀ of new short Ogilvy dressage pads.


This is the first time in a long long time, where I have gone out and picked my dressage saddle to hack in instead of the jump saddle. It feels good!