Settling In

I had planned on riding Dandy the first day he was there as I believe being in a new place shouldn’t be an excuse to act like an idiot but unwinding from the drive got in the way. So instead we had our first ride yesterday.

Dandy was extremely agitated in the crossties for some reason so I was a little worried about what that would mean for our ride but I soldiered on. We started in the indoor which was freshly grated. Dandy was so high that he was jumping at the mirror and chairs. Anything was a good excuse to be naughty.

Finally we moved to the outdoor and I just trotted. And trotted. And trotted. Dandy was not going to relax clearly.

There were two poles set on the ground so I attempted to canter over them. Only that didn’t work so well as Dandy decided to jump them. Oh horse. Eventually we got over them nicely so I went back and forth over a tiny crossrail that had been set up. No problem. I grabbed mane and we cantered on.

Dandy was being so good despite how alert he was that I decided to jump a three stride line that was set up. They were only two small verticals so I figured things would be good. The first tine we trotted in and I coukd feel Dandy really suck back waiting for me to yank on his mouth (more on that in another post) but I kept my leg on and grabbed mane. The second time we cantered the line and Dandy took off after the first vertical. Not cool. So I sat up and applied my half-halt. And Dandy came immediately back to me. Good boy!

After that we cantered it out and cooled down. My legs were killing me thanks in part ro breaking in these boots and not having ridden in two months.


I think today will be just flattering but we’ll see what Dandy thinks of that.

6 thoughts on “Settling In

    1. Ugh. It went a million times worse. I might talk about it later but right now I’m still trying to get over the “maybe I should just sell him and be done with horses” tantrum I’m having.

  1. Yay for the first ride! Sounds like once he gets some of the ants out of his pants he will be good to go 🙂

    Good job putting on your big girl pants and riding him despite his antics 🙂

    1. It’s sometimes so hard when he’s acting like that because I know it can lead to some really bad things from him. And it did yesterday so now I just don’t know what to do.

    1. They are really pretty aren’t they? While it’s definitely a big switch from NV (omg the BUGS yesterday!), I think once he settles in he’ll prefer it… it’s much closer to his native NV weather.

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