Seeing is Believing

Just as I was going to start this post, one of my good friends and owners of a really fun horse I rode for a few summers (Shadow), posted a comment on a picture of me and Gus jumping. It was so perfect and fitting for this blog post that I had to share.

Never doubt yourself or give up your dream to someone else


I wrote last week about how I wanted to jump higher again, and how I knew I could do it because I had seen videos of me doing so. Well, I took that to heart this week and started working towards that.

The first thing that had to happen was the arenas had to dry out. Thankfully it stopped raining on Monday.

Step two was run Gus through a chute. I hadn’t done this before and boy was he a pip. I was NOT pleased with my horse. Yes, he did jump up to 3ft (from basically a standstill) but not without a lot of chasing him around and knocking over my chute until I made it unescapable.


And that got us to yesterday.

After we warmed on the flat (and did a lot, a lot, a lot of bending), I moved over to the jumping ring. There were two jumps set up at 2 feet that I decided I was just going to go over until I felt comfortable.

I went over the first, a pink and orange vertical with flowers. And immediately I felt sick to my stomach. Even though I rode it well, got the right take off, released well and Gus didn’t even care. So as I cantered away, reestablished our rhythm, I thought “Why?” Why am I nervous? It’s a little jump and we just went over it no problem.

You know what I decided at that point? I wasn’t going to be nervous. Or maybe I would be but I decided to not think about it.

I jumped the pink and orange jump a few times and then went over the orange fence with the hedge. That one, Gus did not like, but I put my legs on and gave a gentle tap with the whip and Gus jumped it. We turned to come back it again and Gus locked on to the blue vertical that was 2’6. For one fraction of a second I made to turn off it but then thought “Why not? He jumped higher yesterday.”


Then we jumped it. And you know what? It was AMAZING. And I didn’t feel scared. No nauseous feeling in my stomach or anything. Then we jumped it like five more times because the camera stopped filming.

The dream is still alive.