Scratches and Scrapes

I suppose, what with all the rain this area is known for, that I’m going to have to start getting used to dealing with things like scratches (mud fever) again. It was a common problem back in Minnesota when all the snow would melt especially for me with an appy cross.


So yes, Dandy has scratches. He has them in the most unusually place though: above his white sock and on the inside of his leg. We can’t find a cut though so that’s our best guess for what is ailing him right now. In preparation I shaved the area to help it dry (and shaved the hair down on the white sock as well) and sprayed it with some vetericyn. That stuff is magic so I’ll give it a shot to heal things up before I do the whole betadine routine (hate that stuff! So messy!).

He also has a cut on his other back leg that we’re not sure how happened. He hasn’t been off at all though so he’s been in normal work. He actually did this the morning (or evening) before he left for NWEC so it’s been healing for a while now. It’s too low to really wrap well and it’s not that big so I’m just keeping it clean.

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