Schooling Show!

I sent in my registration for Dandy and I’s first dressage schooling show today!

We are going to the Reno Chapter CDS 28th Annual Pumpkin Roll Schooling Show on the 27th. Krissie and Klancie are coming too so it will be a fun party.

Pumpkin Roll Prize List

This schooling show has two divisions: the Pumpkin Roll where people get to ride the tests and pick one test to get immediate feed back from the judge, and the Ghost Dressage Division which is for complete newbies (you can even ride in your western saddle as long as you have a snaffle in). I really wanted to do the first division so I could get the feed back but to ride in the Intro level in that division I need to have my ammy card or be a junior. So I’m doing the cheaper option, which should still be a blast!

We’re doing both Intro A and Intro B. I’m really not worried about the tests – those are memorized and will be worked on this week – because it’s just a schooling show. I’m worried about getting Dandy to behave.

Wish us luck and I’ll let you know how it goes!