Saturday Lesson

On Saturday I had my first daytime lesson in forever. I was really hoping that we would be able to go outside and jump but despite it being sunny and beautiful, the weather had a definite freeze in the air and the ground was a little too frozen. Bummer.

I did however get my new cooler on Friday so was happy to bring it out and have a chance to try it on the Dandy Lion. He looked good and it fit really well despite being a size bigger. A lot of the reviews said it ran small so it probably worked out for the best. I think I will save this cooler for special occasions and shows. I’ve got the wool cooler and the cotton cooler at the barn already.


The boy tagged along with me (though I think he was regretting it by the end) so I actually got some pictures and videos for once. I told him to just video and tape EVERYTHING. And he did… sometimes it was less than flattering for both of us. ­čÖé


So, the lesson. That’s the important part right? It was a disaster for the most part. I didn’t get to lunge Dandy before hand because everyone and their mother was trying to ride in our tiny indoor. JLE had to ask a coupe of the girls to leave because they were just walking around. Anyway, we got going and I was really excited to show Eric everything we’d been working on and get some cool video. But it was not to be. Dandy was completely blowing through my aids.

Before long we were both getting flustered and frustrated (me) and completely pissy (Dandy). I think JLE was a little fed up with me. She made us stop and came over to us and did a flexing exercise at the halt so that we could get our feel back. On one hand I was glad she did because she final demonstrated just how much pressure I’m really suppose to have in my hands (way more than I thought!).


On the other though, I was just ready to get off my horse and call it quits at that point. Nothing I was doing seemed to be right. I’ve been trying to keep a steady contact but apparently I suck at it. Well fine, I don’t really want to ride anyway. *sigh*


After that we went back to our 20 meter circle and we worked on my contact and my feel. I’ll admit, things really did get better after that. At first I felt like I was just one step from pissing Dandy off enough to make him go up. We stuck it out on the 20 meter circle for about 10 minutes before Dandy finally gave me any sort of give. JLE said it was because he had been getting away with doing nothing for the entire lesson and now I was actually making him work. Once we both got it through our heads though we had some really nice moments. JLE said it was the first time she had seen true connection with us.

I was so excited to watch the video at that point figuring that it was going to look AMAZING. Sadly it felt way better than it looks. And I am glad I got the video ┬ábecause I can finally see what JLE was saying. To me, it feels like I’m keeping steady contact but even during the good moments my contact is not very stead. My legs are also all over the place but that’s something I already knew I had to work on.


I was glad I hadn’t given up in the end because the last half of our lesson really was worth it and might be one of those big moments for Dandy and I.