Saddle Fit

I’ve had a stinking suspicion ever since Dandy got to Nevada that my saddle does not fit as well as I’d like. Sure enough, upon closer inspection this morning, it is an awful fit. Dandy’s got the classic thoroughbred high wither issue, though thankfully not a true shark fin, but he is also cursed blessed with wide shoulders.

So here’s my saddle on Dandy. It’s a perfect length for his back and the gullet, even if it does tapper ever so slightly, is actually a good fit for him (It starts at four fingers and only closes to three at the end). However, the tree is too wide for his withers and too narrowl for his shoulder! WTH Dandy???

Here you can see it sitting on his withers. Barely a fingers worth of clearance and when a blanket goes under that there is none. I can’t ride in this saddle without killing his back in the long run. You’ll have to trust me that it pinches his shoulder as I didn’t get a picture.

So I guess it’s time to clean up the old saddle and put it on eBay. I am so disappointed because I LOVE this saddle. It fits me great and I have no problem balancing or getting the correct seat in it. But if I can’t ride in it, what’s the point in having it? Plus, the money I do get from it can go towards buying Dandy a new saddle that does fit.

So what do I need from my new saddle? Well, ideally I’d like to keep it a jumping saddle because I still want to get a separate dressage saddle. It needs to be a wide tree but still have clearance on his withers. That means I’m probably going to have to get a saddle that has a partial cut out of the pommel. Today I rode in my trainer’s leather FlexRider. It was nice, fit his shoulder with the wide tree but still sat on his withers. Still, that will be a bette option until I can save up the money for a new saddle.

Anyway, a couple that I’m looking at are:

Collegiate Convertible senior Event Saddle

Crosby Centennial C.C. Saddle 

M. Toulouse Celine Close Contact

We’ll see. This might be a long process. Selling my old saddle, saving up for a new one… *sigh*

In other news, I did ride Dandy today, even though I’m sick and shouldn’t have even been out at the barn. We went for a little road hack and he was… good, I guess. He was nervous and called every time I passed the gate back to the farm but he kept going when I asked and never freaked or spooked. The most he did was swerve towards the gate; a very clear “Mom, please can you bring me back so I can eat my grain?!” We only rode for a half hour because I thought I was going to faint but I’m pleased with the progress. I’ll have to keep doing these little road trips.