Rough Night

Last night was one of those nights that you just don’t want to ever have: a night at the emergency vet clinic.

Around five o’clock or so, I noticed Harley had thrown up all over the deck. I washed it off and didn’t think much of it as I noticed a piece of fuzz from one of the many stuffed toys she had pulled apart (and I had taken away). I figured I had just missed a piece and that it had caused her to be a little upset and we were now past it. But I kept watching her. She was having trouble passing anything; she was straining but nothing was coming out. Poor girl. Then she started drooling. And drooling. And drooling. She was soaked! I have never seen this much drool, even from Guinness who is a notorious slobber.

When she threw up again, I decided to call the clinic and bring her in. Poor Harley was lethargic and just wanted to curl up in my lap; not something she normally does.
imageThe first thing the vet wanted to do, of course, was test for Parvos. Now, I was 99% positive that this wasn’t what was wrong since we’re very careful to keep her away from places she might have contracted it. But I was still pretty nervous until the results came back negative. So we sat and waited some more.

imageYou could tell Harley was not feeling well, even if she did perk up when a new tech would come in the door. Her vitals were fine and her temp normal. When we finally saw the vet around 10, she said we could get x-rays if we wanted, or she could give us some meds, give Harley a shot for the vomiting and monitor for the night. This night (and day, but that’s another story) was already getting pretty expensive so we opted to watch her. So $250 and three hours later we took our puppy home with no definitive answer.

imageI’m very glad we did. By the time we got back, Harley had perked up quite a bit and was more than happy to wolf down her bland dinner of chicken and rice. And she kept it down. This morning she seems to be 100% back to her normal maniac self. Thank God. It may have been a bit of an over reaction on my part but I’d rather be overly cautious than miss something live threatening.

Update: So yesterday before the whole hospital thing I was picking up the yard and saw this yellow fungus looking stuff. I ignored it, thought it was fungus. Today… well I picked it up and it was definitely bright yellow throw up. I think we found our culprit: Harley got into the fertilizer in the garage. Yuck.

4 thoughts on “Rough Night

  1. I think you definitely did the right thing – if she had eaten enough of the toy to create an obstruction that’s something you want to find out ASAP. Glad she’s ok!

    1. Me too, thank you! I much prefer her being her normal crazy self as she is today, even though I do wish she was normally cuddly. 🙂

  2. Glad she is OK! Those are the worst nights, especially with a brand new puppy. Their sweet little faces seem to make it even more anxiety driven.

    1. Just having her crawl into my lap made me want to cry because she is so not a cuddle bug. But she seems to be doing great today so I guess the danger has passed.

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