Rocky Balboa

This post is brought to you by the letter V.

If you’ve been on my facebook, you’ve probably seen the lovely picture of Dandy’s war wound. If not… here you go:

This is how he looked when he stepped out of the trailer after our totally amazing and epic trail ride. UGH. As near as I can tell, he caught it on the holder for the divider that I took out last week. Sorry Dandy!

I was very worried about it as he wouldn’t let me touch it to clean it up or lay the skin flap down. In fact, he freaked out in the cross ties and almost trampled me. Lesson learned. Don’t mess with a gaping wound! With Kristen’s help, I sprayed some Vetericyn on it and gave him some bute.

The next day it looked like this:

And today:

It’s healing so nice. The swelling has gone down significantly and there is not any sign of an infection. Dandy still doesn’t like me spraying the Vetericyn on but I’m going to keep doing if it needs to happen.