Review: Washable Dressage Boots from TOTD

So when TOTD offered their Washable Dressage Boots a few weeks ago, I had to bite. Why? Because I could get them in ORANGE! I ordered a pair of large and a pair of extra-large.

They did take a while to get here but I suppose that’s part of the cheap price.

Here is what they look like right out of the box. I love the bright orange color and the soft fleece. It’s not super thick but should still be thick enough. Apparently sometimes the fleece is a more natural color but I lucked out with both pairs being white. (Of course, they’re going to get super dirty anyway…) What I did realize when I finally put them on Dandy is that the straps on my larges are black and the straps on the extra-large are orange. Oh well, not a big deal. For the record, sizes small and medium only have two straps.

Tack of the Day calls them Washable Dressage Boots but they are actually Pelham-Ascot Dressage boots and they come in almost every color under the sun. They don’t offer support, so they’re not meant to be used jumping, but they do provide protection for the shin, tendon, and fetlock area. Good for dressage 🙂

Today I finally remembered to bring them out and put them on Dandy. I was pleasantly surprised. The larges are maybe just a hair to large for the front but the extra-larges fit perfectly on the back. They are a bit stiff and hard to get in the right place but I feel like this will go away as they get used and break in. However, they look awesome! There was no slipping, once I had them on right, and they did a good job of protecting his legs.

Of course, they ended up pretty dirty thanks to the fact that I was working him in a muddy area. I haven’t tried washing them yet (the fleece still looks good) but I think the colored vinyl area will clean up very nicely. I’m going to get some baby wipes to keep at the barn to clean these and other things.

(I’m really, really loving Dandy in orange.)

Overall, I really like these. They’re not super high-tech but they’re also not super expensive. I like the look, the color options, the construction/craftsmanship, and pretty much everything about them. Recommend.