Review: Lund Five Point Breastplate

Five Point Breastplate by Lund Saddlery

With how impressed I was with the quality of Lund’s figure 8 bridle (more detailed review of that will be forthcoming) I was really excited to get the opportunity to try Lund’s new five point breastplate. I have a Voltaire five point but even with it being a small/medium, it’s too big on Gus so Lund sent me the cobb size to try.

The first thing I thought when pulling it out of the box was: this is what you expect a five point breastplate to look like. It is substantial in a good way. The Voltaire is a very dainty breastplate but the Lund five point has thick solid elastic but doesn’t overpower the horse once it’s on. I wasn’t at all worried about anything breaking while out on course.


Again, I was very impressed with the quality. The craftsmanship is wonderful and I loved all the fancy stitching and big fluffy sheepskin pads. I’ll admit to being a little worried that Gus, the sweatiest horse I’ve ever worked with, would ruin them within one ride but so far they are holding up.

And speaking of keeping things cleaned… I LOVE that basically every strap is able to come completely off and completely unbuckles. It makes my life a lot easier and is actually one of my biggest pet peeves with the Voltaire. I can’t add a clip to the girth strap of the Voltaire because that buckle does not fully come apart. Not only does Lund’s girth strap buckle come undone, but it comes with a clip.

It’s the little things.

When going to fit the five point on Gus, I had a bit of a frustrating time. Everything but the elastic fit on the very smallest hole but the elastic just wasn’t roomy enough. I have come to the conclusion that Gus is probably just always going to be a hard horse to fit and that this is not Lund’s fault at all. I was able to get a decent fit while tacking up but due to my saddle not being a great fit on Gus, it kept sliding back and pulled the breastplate pretty tight. Again, not Lund’s fault and you can’t fault it for doing it’s job!


Even being a bit high on the chest and a bit tight, Gus didn’t seem to mind and jumped around our XC schooling with no issues. I actually had more than one compliment on how pretty it was (and how pretty the bridle and breastplate looked together) and my trainer wanted to steal it. I think in the looks department, this gets an A+.


After riding in the five point a handful of times, I really only have one complaint which is that having the extra leather under my boot really bothers me. On a short ride I don’t notice it too much but on longer rides it really does dig into my calf. I am hoping that this will become less noticeable as the leather continues to be broken in and softened.

Final Thoughts

This breastplateretails  for around $160 USD. For that you get big fluffy sheepskin, beautiful navy elastic, good solid leather that starts great and gets better as its oiled, and that perfect eventer look.

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  1. Their stuff looks nice, but I refuse to give Lund a dime of my money after the bizarre and inappropriate experience I had with their customer service rep and with the owner.

    I’m glad you like the breastplate though!

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