Review: Lund Figure 8 Bridle

Figure 8 Bridle by Lund Saddlery


After hearing some talk around the interwebz about this new brand, Lund Saddlery and how nice the stuff was, I had to give them a try. I was looking for a new bridle anyway so it seemed like a good opportunity. So I reached out to the company to see if I could buy something before they officially launched. I am so lucky they said yes!

When the bridle arrived, I was simply blown away. I have never had the luxury of spending a lot of money on bridles so I won’t be comparing this to an Edgewood or Antares, but it was definitely more than I was hoping for. The most expensive bridle I own, is the Micklem Competition Bridle and, while I am not as turned off by the leather as some, I will admit that it’s a pricey bridle for what you get. I don’t remember what I paid for my Lund’s bridle but it wasn’t as much as the Micklem and the leather was really nice. Right out of the box is supple and soft and has only gotten more so with use and cleaning.


I also loved the big padded monocrown. The other bridle I ride Gus in is a cheap Dover snaffle bridle and I can tell he prefers this one. I prefer this one too because of the fancy stitching and the nice stainless steel. You’ve got to admit, it classes the whole thing up.

I have been using this bridle for several months now as my main hacking and jumping bridle so it has gotten a fair bit of use. And, while I am not the best at keeping up with tack cleaning, it has held up beautifully. Even the sheepskin padding hasn’t worn away like a lot of the cheaper stuff does.


Gus is sort of between sizes for bridles. He is on the shortest holes for anything horse sized and the longest holes for anything cobb sized. I decided to go for a cobb size in Lund and am glad as it does seem a little big. I have Gus on just about all the smallest holes and my trainer still things I should add a hole to the middle strap (I’ve been too lazy to remember to bring my punch out to the barn). It seems to do pretty well where it’s at.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt this is my favorite purchase of 2016. The craftsmanship is wonderful, it looks beautiful on Gus, and it holds up to my abuse all for a fraction of what it probably should cost. While the fit is maybe a little bit large for a true cobb, if you’re between sizes like Gus and a lot of other thoroughbreds, this bridle should do the trick.

I highly recommend you give Lund’s bridles a shot because I think you get a lot of bang for your buck.