Review: Kerrits Warmup Quilted Jacket

Today I want to review the Kerrits Warmup Quilted Jacket that the JLE Team ordered for a spring/fall team jacket. JanuaryLesson_3

This is a very well made jacket with a flattering cut. It’s definitely not a deep winter jacket but will be perfect for fall or early spring. It comes in three different colors: black, raspberry and twilight (the blue I’m modeling) and retails for $129.95.

I had plenty of movement and flexibility when riding on the flat but was unable to test it over jumps. I don’t imagine I would have had a problem. The top underside of the arm is a stretchier fabric then the blue quilted part and I think that keeps it from being too stiff and immobile. I had no problem moving my arms all over or bridling Dandy.

JanuaryLesson_11What I Love:

First, the color is gorgeous. In the catalogue pictures it looks really really shiny but it’s no where near that in real life. It does have a little bit of a gloss to it due to the material it’s made out of but it works much better in person than it does in the photos.

I also really like the cut of the jacket, it’s classic and elegant. The back is longer then the front which allows really good coverage when you’re in the saddle. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that shirt that won’t stay in (even with a belt) or that jacket that gaps when you get int he saddle. Not going to happen with this one. The longer hem also helped me hide the little bit of muffin top I always have going on with tight pants.

The sleeves are also just a touch long when on the ground, which is a good thing because once you get on the horse and start riding, they become the perfect length. I tucked the edges of my gloves underneath the sleeve and they weren’t irritating at all. Nothing felt stuck which can be annoying when you’re in the middle of a ride.

But the best part? The pockets have zippers! This is my biggest must have when buying jackets or vests to wear around the horses. And yes, this is a horse brand so it should have zippers but I find that’s not always the case even when the purpose of the garment was built with riding in mind. They’re easy to get open, even with my gloves, and had no problem holding my odds and ends. During the day I had my phone, Chapstick and my riding gloves stuffed in one side or the other.

I have worn this jacket all over the Pacific Northwest and especially like taking it to the dog park. It’s perfect for an early morning with the dogs when you’ve still got frost on the ground but you know you’re going to be walking and warming up quite a bit.

What Could Have Been Better:

One minor issue I had was the sizing. While very flattering (I think it helps make my butt look a lot better!), it’s a “tight” fit. I’ve worn this jacket with a few layers underneath but there’s no way I could put something bulky like a sweatshirt on under. I suppose this could have been solved by going up a size (I went with a small) but it fits so perfectly that I worry if everything would have been too big.


Odds and Ends: 

Since this was a team jacket, we obviously got them all embroidered but this jacket works really well for that purpose. It’s got a great big open back for a larger logo or team name. We ended up having our name put on the front and then a JLE sponsor name on each side (one of those was Kerrits, I’m not sure if that patch is there normally or not).



I do recommend this jacket as it’s very comfortable and flattering. However, I do think the price is a little high and would recommend trying to find it on sale.

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  1. nice jacket – i tend to generally like kerrits stuff, and this looks like no exception. the color blocking on the back seems interesting – at first i thought you were wearing a protective vest lol – but i can see how the shape works for a rider

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